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'Lowest of the low': 高贵林港市长欲刑事指控一对高价出售口罩夫妇

原文标题:'Lowest of the low': Port Coquitlam mayor wants criminal charges for pair caught selling masks




在高贵林港(Port Coquitlam)公园里,一对以高价出售医用口罩的夫妇引起了该市市长的愤怒,这对夫妇将被进行调查并受到刑事指控。









PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) — A pair of people selling medical masks at inflated prices in a Port Coquitlam park has drawn the ire of the city’s mayor, who wants them investigated and criminally charged.

A concerned constituent contacted Mayor Brad West after seeing two people set up with cardboard boxes full of masks for sale beside a baseball diamond in a small, community park.

“I was able to immediately get our by-law dispatched and we caught the people. We caught the people and we levied the maximum available fine which is $500, and more importantly we forwarded the matter to the RCMP because this cries out for criminal accountability,” he said.

West says the pair returned after the first fine was levied, a move he describes as “shocking, egregious, callous, selfish, irresponsible.”

He has alerted to Coquitlam RCMP and hopes criminal charges will be pursued, adding the city only has the authority to impose fines.

“Clearly, there’s not a fine large enough that they city has to be able to deter this,” he said.

“There needs to be a very clear message sent to these people and anyone else who would try and profit off of medical supplies at a time of unprecedented public health crisis.”

The pair’s actions are particularly galling to West because shortages of crucial supplies have been reported.

“Our community, our province, our country, the entire world is coming together to do their part to stop the spread of this virus.These are medical masks that we’re hearing are in short supply in hospitals.”

He said the matter of how much the duo were charging is beside the point, calling the act itself an affront to “basic human decency.”

With files from Jonathan Szekeres

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