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由于政策乐观,亚洲股市上涨,欧洲将紧随其后。Stocks rise in Asia on policy optimism, Europe set to follow.

By The New York Times




除日本外,整个亚太地区的股票在早盘交易中上涨。香港的恒生指数上涨了3%,首尔的Kospi指数上涨了3.8%。澳大利亚的ASX 200上涨1.5%。在台湾,股票上涨了5.5%。东京是该地区唯一的输家,其日经225指数下跌了1%。在中国,市场较为平静。深圳和上海股市均上涨约0.4%。投资者对隔夜的新闻作出反应,称欧洲央行将开始大规模的债券购买计划,以平息因全国范围内关闭以遏制冠状病毒而造成的欧洲经济大出血。在美国,美联储宣布了一项支持货币市场基金的计划。


Stocks rise in Asia on policy optimism, Europe set to follow. Markets in Asia-Pacific showed some optimism on Friday after a tumultuous week, as investors digested news of fresh measures by Europe and the United States to shore up economies that have been devastated by the coronavirus.Europe appeared ready to follow, with futures trading indicating a modest gain when markets open later on Friday. Wall Street, however, could be in for more turbulence on Friday.Stocks across the Asia-Pacific region rose in morning trading, with the exception of Japan. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong gained 3 percent, while Seoul’s Kospi was up 3.8 percent. Australia’s ASX 200 was up 1.5 percent. In Taiwan, stocks jumped by 5.5 percent. Tokyo was the region’s only loser, and its Nikkei 225 was trading down 1 percent.In China, markets were more muted. Shenzhen and Shanghai both rose around 0.4 percent.Investors are reacting to news overnight that the European Central Bank would begin a massive bond-buying program to cauterize the economic bleeding across Europe caused by nationwide shutdowns to contain the coronavirus. In the United States, the Federal Reserve announced a plan to support money market funds.

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