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来真的!温哥华一Tim Hortons咖啡店因忽视客户疏导被暂停营业

Location at Pender and Abbott streets has been forced to shut for 3 days

CBC News

原文链接: 温哥华一家Tim Hortons因未能在客户之间进行实际疏导(social distance)而被勒令暂停营业。

在Pender和Abbott街道上张贴的告示说,一名检查员观察了10多名顾客,他们“排队大约相距一英尺”。 通知说,检查员随后警告员工,他们未遵循正确的程序。 在第一次访问后的第五天,检查人员再次观察到了同样的事情。 通知中写道:“我的结论是,您的做法……有害于社区的健康和安全,并犯有严重的渎职罪。” 该分店已被迫关闭三天。 将在3月30日重新开放。

为了遏制COVID-19的传播,省卫生官员Bonnie Henry博士最近提出禁止餐厅提供堂食服务,只允许外卖或外送。 同样,员工和客户也必须进行距离疏导。

The City of Vancouver has suspended the business licence of a Tim Hortons location for failing to enforce physical distancing between its customers.

A notice posted on the Pender and Abbott streets location says an inspector observed more than 10 patrons "who were lined up approximately one foot apart."

The inspector, the notice says, then warned staff they were not following proper procedures.

Five days after the first visit, an inspector again observed the same thing.

"I have concluded that your business ... is harmful to the health and safety of the community and guilty of gross misconduct," the notice reads.

The location has been forced to shut down for three days. It can reopen on March 30.

To curb the spread of COVID-19, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry recently bannedall dine-in services at restaurants, allowing only takeout or delivery. As well, staff and customers must practise physical distancing.

Henry also ordered the closure of personal care facilities.

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